Up the walls

Up the walls is a constantly on-going project where I shoot different walls, some of them very old, some newly built, some totally wrecked and some maintained by a loving hand. I often get caught by a shadow, a line or some other shape that is beautiful, even ugly houses have some details that are beautiful in a certain light and I want to show that in my pictures.

Kyrkö mosse

Kyrkö mosse is an old car dump located outside Ryd in south of Sweden. Åke Danielsson lived and worked here the predominant part of his live. He bought the land in 1935 and started to mine peat but in the 1950's he turned into scrapping cars. Today there are about 150 car wrecks scattered in the wood, Åkes house and workshop remain and the place has become an eldorado for car enthusiasts and people loving abandoned places.